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We have a passion for all aspects of biochemistry, and the practical effects of nutrition on the body.  With a thorough knowledge of the body’s chemical pathways, we prescribe specific minerals, vitamins, enzymes, herbs, and other standard nutrients which are necessary for overall health and well-being.  At times we also prescribe homeopathic remedies to help prompt the body’s response back to health.


If we need to distinguish between different nutritional options, we may prescribe saliva lab testing to quantify levels of adrenal fatigue, blood sugar and sex hormone imbalances, and digestive dysfunction.  The testing is also helpful in monitoring progress of the therapies used.


In addition, Dr. Perrier offers our patients a very successful weight loss program.

The definition of kinesiology is the study of motion. Started in 1964, applied kinesiology (A.K.) is a technique that allows for the diagnosis of joint and muscle performance factors based on muscle strength and weakness tests. By evaluating the muscles of a patient's body, an applied kinesiology doctor can better understand the overall health of a patient in terms of both function and neurology.


When joints don’t move properly, they cause irritation, inflammation and pain. The most important way to correct the faulty motion patterns is by restoring normal function to the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) that control the joint motion patterns. This is referred to as NeuroMuscular Re-education (NMR).

What is applied kinesiology?

What nutritional therapies do we offer?

  • Footwear – We offer superior custom-fit arch supports at less than ½ the cost of other prescribed orthotics.  We also offer detailed advice on proper shoes and lacing patterns to keep you “in good standing”.

  • Exercise – We provide coaching for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise programs.

  • Sleep – It’s true that you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping – or at least you should!  How you sleep is dependent on proper sleep habits, including a properly sized cervical support pillow.

  • Ergonomics – It’s not repetitive motion that causes most damage – it’s repetitive improper motion. We can give helpful advice regarding the environment where you do most of your activities.

What lifestyle coaching do we offer?

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We are proud to serve the community of Wichita, Kansas, with the most experienced and trustworthy kinesiology practice around. For helpful and knowledgable care, stop in to our office today.

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With our nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, you can count on less follow-up visits in our office.  We don’t want more visits from you . . . We want you to be so happy with our therapies and preventative care that you can’t help but share us with others who need our help too!

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